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The documentation covers the CMS and setup of a development environment. It covers how to develop your own UI Components and add your own Server Event Handlers. There's a guide that covers the Brill Middleware.

We are always seeking to improve the documentation, so if you notice anything that's incorrect or missing, please let us know.

Prerequisite Software

Before installing the Brill Framework, some prerequisite software needs to be installed including Git, NodeJS, Visual Studio Code and MySQL. Covers the installation of the prerequisite software.

You can use your laptop or desktop machine for your development environment or use an AWS Cloud machine, in which case see the AWS Machine Setup guide.

Brill Framework Installation

This guide covers setting up a development environment on either your own machine or a cloud based server. The guide assumes the prerequisite software is already installed.

The installation process involves forking or cloning the GIt repositories, initialising the database, setting up environment variables and starting the Server and Client.

Developers Guide

The guide is designed to help Developers understand the architecture of the Brill Framework and Brill CMS.

The guide covers the development of new UI Components using React and TypeScript. It also covers the development of new Server Event Handlers using Java and Spring Boot.

Brill Middleware

Covers the Brill Middleware, which allows UI Components to communicate with each other and also with the Server.

The Brill Middleware uses WebSockets and JSON messages. It supports both "publish subscribe" and "request response" messaging.

AWS Machine Setup

Instead of using your laptop or desktop machine for development purposes, you can instead setup an environment on a Cloud Server.

The guide covers the initial setup of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Machine with Microsoft Windows Server as the OS.

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