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The Brill CMS and Brill Framework provide an all-in-one platform that helps you develop React Web Applications faster and with less effort and less risk.

Developing a large complex Web Application requires a team of developers that have to write large amounts of code and integrate multiple technologies. When you want to make a simple change such as adding an extra field to a form, it typically involves a number of code changes and a release. You have to change the UI code, change the server API, change the server database access code and do a release of both the client and server.

What if you could add a new field to the UI and also to the database and do it without doing a code release? How much coding effort and release time would it save? You could use a Headless CMS to reduce the number of releases you need for content changes. But then you've got to get to grips with the Headless CMS API, write more code and it still doesn't help with just adding an extra field.

You could give up on coding and go for a "No Code" solution. That might be acceptable if there's a "No Code" solution that covers your application area. But what if you want a custom look-and-feel with custom components and want to connect to your own internal system using an API that no one else uses? You are going to have to write some code. There's no way out. But by using the Brill Framework, the coding required can be significantly reduced.

With the Brill CMS and Brill Framework, the objective is to allow you to doing anything you could do using code, but to provide a platform to help you get things done quicker, with less effort and less releases. Its a "Low Code" solution, rather than a "No Code" solution. You will need to write code for custom React UI components, field validation and server side business logic, but it will be a lot less coding than doing everything yourself.


We use React and TypeScript for the client and Java and Spring Boot for the server. Any existing React Components you might have can be brought into the Brill CMS. You can also make use of any Java business logic you might already have on the server side. Rather than use REST for communications between the client and the server, the Brill Framework uses WebSockets and our own middleware. The Brill Middleware supports "subscribe/publish" and "request/response" messaging. React components can communicate with the server, and also with each other, using the middleware.

Open Source

We'd made the Brill Framework source code available for download and inspection. The Brill Framework is distributed under the MIT license. You can run the code on your own in-premise server or on a cloud server, totally under your control. There are no per server license fees or SaaS usage fees.

The source code for the Brill CMS is also available for download. The Brill CMS is a licensed product for which there's a per user charge. See the Pricing Page for more details. The Brill Framework can be used on it's own, without the Brill CMS.

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